November 6, 2019

How Businesses can use IoT to improve Operational Security

When discussions about the potential impact of IoT technology turn to the vital matter of security, they tend to focus on the negative consequences. This isn’t wholly unreasonable, in fairness — the prospect of massively ramping-up the collection and sharing of data through the networking of countless new devices should...
August 7, 2019

What are the Major Obstacles Facing the IoT?

The Internet of Things isn’t simply a matter of technological advancement — it’s also a statement of intent about what technology means (and can mean) to humanity. It heralds a world of grand background connectivity, with algorithms buzzing all around us to improve our lives in countless ways: saving our...
March 5, 2019

IoT in India from the Network vantage point

Are enterprises ready to monetize and witness positive returns from their IoT investments?   The recent Assocham-EY report highlights, the IoT market in India is expected to reach a mind boggling 2 billion connections generating $11.1 billion of revenue by 2022. The country is expected to emerge as a $1...