Shyamal Kumar

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shyamal Kumar is a software product leader, and has led several platforms spanning data centre, enterprise, and service provider networks. He is passionate about embracing SDN and cloud technologies to bring simplicity and performance to data networks. Having started his career with the venerable FreeBSD TCP/IP stack, to the current SDN/NFV platforms, he has been instrumental in breakthrough product lines like the Juniper MX. He also brought the initial generation of wireless broad band platforms in the world, through the Telsima WiMAX portfolio. Back in 2001, he was a key member of Inkra Networks, building the industry’s first virtual services switch, which had zero down time over years of network upgrades, due to its pioneering dynamically linked modular system architecture.

As our CEO, in his current endeavour, he has led our team to bring to market SD-WAN products. Shyamal and his team believe that today’s cloud first, digital driven – enterprises can take their business anywhere, as long as the network is available.

Shyamal is a graduate of BITS, Pilani, India and has been in the data networking space for the last 18 years leading products at Tata Elxsi, Juniper Networks, Inkra Networks, Telsima Communications, Riverstone Networks, NetContinuum and Versa Networks among other companies. He is active in several technology entrepreneurship campus courses and loves telling stories about how to build great software, and in the process build great companies as well.


Drritiman Boraah

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer

Drritiman Boraah has experienced telecom and data networking technology for the last two decades in multiple product engineering roles, and has led teams in Lucent, Motorola, Juniper Networks, and has travelled the world to understand customer needs.

At Lavelle Networks, he has been instrumental since our founding days, to ensure customer success. He has built a team of fiercely passionate engineers who use technology, tools, knowledge and of course the sheer will of the human spirit, to focus on every reported customer network issue – big or small, to ensure that we keep our customers networks up and running.

Drritiman believes that no dream is too audacious, and no ambition too big to chase.

Driving deep customer insights into the rest of our company – Drritiman has paved the way for us to put the people who matter most to us first – OUR CUSTOMERS.


Randhir Bhattacharya

Co-founder, Distinguished Engineer, and Chief Product Architect

Randhir Bhattacharya is an experienced software architect who has worked across platforms in Microsoft, Hughes, Starent, Juniper Networks, Versa Networks and always played the role of that key technology architect who creates the blue print of successful product execution.

Building software across multiple engineering teams is a hard role, and he has played that role for us since the inception of our company. Whether it was the first line of code he committed into GIT, back when we started, or the last line of code he recently committed in this year’s GA release, his stamp of passionate technology expertise is all over our software products.

A perfectionist at heart, on technology architectural choices, when we hear him say ….”I am principally against…”, we all buckle down to hear another sermon of how to actually build great software. Mentoring all our engineers – junior or senior, he represents what we stand for in software at Lavelle Networks, a belief that software is, will and continue to change the world.


Karthik Madhava

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Karthik Madhava is our most articulate technologist, and he has deep experience in the most important skill of explaining technology to our customers, investors and partners. He has been in product roles from technical marketing to product management in Ericsson, Cisco, NetApp, Juniper Networks, Versa Networks and has always played the role of being a great communicator.

At Lavelle Networks, he interfaces with our technology partners at Intel, Microsoft, or Dell, our investors and key customers, explaining our story and vision and enlisting the support of everyone we need to build our company.

A speaker, blogger and writer at heart, he is at his best when he is creating content, and he is our go to person for communicating our story to world class audiences.


Vishal Khare

Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Vishal Khare is an enterprise sales executive with two decades of experience in creating value for customers with products and technology. He is based in Mumbai, and over the course of his career built deep and respected relations with Indian enterprise CIOs, system integrators, channel partners. Most of his career, he was at Citrix – the world leader in virtual desktop solutions.

At Lavelle Networks, Vishal drives all the large network business, which is at the heart of Digital India, and the massive government focus on Make In India initiatives. He works with large system integrators to ensure that our SD-WAN platform continues to keep the tag line of “Building the largest enterprise networks in India”.

A great mentor and coach for aspiring enterprise sales folks, and an active angel investor, Vishal keenly follows technology trends to help customers with their digital transformation journeys.


Netaji Patil

Vice President – Sales

Netaji Patil understands wide area networks like no one else, having spent his time in global and national telecom providers, and is a name to be reckoned with in the telecom network and bandwidth markets. He is based in Mumbai, and has worked at every major telecom company – Tata Communications, Reliance Communications, Tulip Telecom and Global Internet Aggregators. He is deeply passionate about the Internet and its empowering ability to connect enterprises to the cloud.

At Lavelle Networks, Netaji heads our sales and business development across multiple markets – large, medium or small enterprises.

A passionate speaker, and advocate for customer success, he relentlessly pushes the multiple teams at our company, to work together towards the goal of winning, retaining and growing our customers. We have learnt to depend on him and his team, to provide next generation SD-WAN based innovation to connect businesses world-wide to their applications.


Jambu Ganesh Kumar

Chief of Staff – Office of the CEO

Jambu Ganesh is the leadership team’s Swiss Army Knife – he can create a collaborative solution to any and all of our company’s challenges and opportunities. Working closely with Shyamal, our CEO, he runs all key corporate development initiatives – from raising growth capital, to creating high impact start-up partnerships, cybersecurity processes like the ISO 27001 certification.

He has a long history of deep expertise in successful private equity transactions, technology investments, global operations at companies like TCS, and has performed strategic roles in diverse areas like North America, South Africa and Asia Pacific.

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