Complete flexibility of network link type with 100%
zero touch provisioning algorithm

All ScaleAOn Edge features are licensed using a flexible, capacity and usage-based model

ScaleAOn Edge Micro

Suitable for IoT, Banking ATM & Retail POS use cases

ScaleAOn Edge

Suitable for small branch offices with less than 25 users

ScaleAOn Edge Turbo

Suitable for regional offices with less than 100 users

ScaleAOn Edge Dynamo

For HQ Offices, BPO locations & services centers with unlimited users

CloudPort WAN/Edge appliance is available in physical form factor
or as an "any cloudprovider ready" virtual appliance.
It allows multiple forms of network links (4G to Fiber to V.35 serial)
to connect users to applications.

Small Format Locations (SFL) Series

Medium Format Locations (MFL) Series

Large Format Locations (LFL) Series

Xtra Large Format Locations (SFL) Series

ScaleAOn® Edge Features available on CloudPort Edge

ScaleAOn SD-WAN Solution Suite


The widest range of on-site network connectivity from 4G to Fiber to V.35 Serial E1 lines


Elastic, flexible and the most superior interoperability to aggregate and connect your SD-WAN edge network to your Data Center or Cloud Networks.


The wonderful magic of next generation SDN architecture, intent driven policies, modern dashboards, network segmentation tools.


Advanced network flow analysis that fuels dynamic path selection, automated performance characterization using Network Scores, split second visualization of Top Network usage by user, flows or applications.

Your Network Needs to reduce reliance on legacy technologies and prepare for WAN innovation

Lavelle Networks solves the biggest challenges in the WAN for distributed enterprises. With 100% software defined architecture ensure Faster Network,Faster Scale and the Fastest Transition to Cloud Networks.




Case Study Godrej

Download the case study to find out how Godrej transformed their network using Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution across multiple branches.


Datasheet ScaleAOn SD-WAN 11.0

ScaleAOn SD-WAN is the next generation SD-WAN platform and the most comprehensive portfolio for transforming your enterprise network



Unfold Lavelle Networks revolutionary flagship technology - ScaleAOn - Cloud controlled SD-WAN that simplifies the complex art of creating scalable VPNs.