Why ScaleAOn?

What is ScaleAOn?

While looking at various ways to build our next generation network product architecture, back in 2016, it became evident to us that there are three big challenges our solution is going to solve for our customers:

Let them scale their business without worrying about their networks. Make their network work like electricity, flip a switch, it is always on until you flip it off. Turn on our products, they are going to keep the network Always on.

Thus, was born the name – ScaleAOn, networking at Scale, Always ON. It is not just a name, it symbolizes what we try and achieve with every line of software code, every circuit on the hardware, and every call that comes to our support center. Make your network scale at will, and keep it always, always running. It is no wonder that one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies runs nationwide flash sales, involving billions of transactions on our SD-WAN platform, with a support team the size of your neighbourhood coffee shop staff. That is how well this architecture works.

Web Scale Architecture
No Peering protocol to learn the Networks
Treats encryption as a security policy, instead of complex IPSEC IKE configuration methods on classical routers
Software forwarding plane composed of loosely de-coupled tables, which can be re-programmed into any combination of access control lists, policies, route lookups, tunnel encapsulations, path selections, NFV service chains
Zero errors in creating network segments, because of our visual aids in the user interface, which do not need a single line of actual network interface configuration while creating a VPN or WAN topology
Total de-coupling of packet I/O, network forwarding, application inspection, network services so that a failure in any of them only degrades the service but does not cripple it to stop traffic
CloudStation is private or public Controller Cloud with elastic scalability
A network naming scheme which produces logical identifiers for every single private subnet in your network, without having to remember the IP addresses ever again
Makes encryption key generation so easy, that you do not need to know anything about encryption to use it on your network
An Intent driven configuration framework that does not need persistent old school transport connections like SSH, and therefore the control plane can fail over to the right WAN path even before it loses a single transaction.
Optimize the entire network path computation around the real problem, which is network congestion and Link Quality (PLR, Latency, Jitter)

Comparison to MPLS/DMVPN/IPSEC

Advantages of ScaleAOn SD-WAN over MPLS

Advantages of ScaleAOn SD-WAN over DMVPN

Advantages of ScaleAOn SD-WAN over VPN



Case Study Godrej

Download the case study to find out how Godrej transformed their network using Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution across multiple branches.


Datasheet ScaleAOn SD-WAN 11.0

ScaleAOn SD-WAN is the next generation SD-WAN platform and the most comprehensive portfolio for transforming your enterprise network



Unfold Lavelle Networks revolutionary flagship technology - ScaleAOn - Cloud controlled SD-WAN that simplifies the complex art of creating scalable VPNs.