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How We Got the Name Lavelle Networks?

Bangalore lives on Coffee. At 560001, in a quaint coffee shop on Lavelle Road, we started a journey into the powerful world of SDN. Having read the pioneering work at Google B4, we drew up all sorts of network topologies that could be solved by moving intelligence into the cloud. We wanted to build a technology and product company with the unique identity of Bangalore. Since the idea struck us at a coffee shop on the famed Lavelle Road, an epitome of Bangalore’s culture and heritage, we decided to identify ourselves with innovation in Bangalore, with the place where the idea first came to us. And so started the journey of Lavelle Networks!

Our Vision

We want to deliver the best enterprise network experience for every user, on every device, for any application, on any cloud. We believe that by doing this we will enable every customer to take their business to every location on the planet they wish to, because we will be there to ensure their networks are always accelerated, secured and simplified.

Values @Lavelle Networks

Respect Everyone

Be Intense in your Integrity

Stay Grounded, Stay Humble

Listen to your fears, then push them aside with Courage.

Our Culture

Be Fiercely Passionate About Team Work

Set Unrealistic, Impractical Objectives to Delight Our Customers And then do the unthinkable to achieve these objectives

Embrace Diversity

There are no problems! Only challenges which prompt Invention

Lavelle Networks is the fastest growth SD-WAN company in India

Culturally, Lavelle Networks truly believes that empathy for people is the key to success in business. Because, 100% of employees are people, 100% of customers are people and 100% of investors are people. Hence we always put consistent effort to understand people and genuinely put effort to protect their interests. At Lavelle Networks, we have the best people and teams working toward a single goal. This is a glimpse of "NDS 2022" #NetworkingDilSe, our company's annual flagship event, which took place on May 17th, 2022.

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