Enterprises have gracefully transitioned from old computing technology where they connected hosted
desktop environment to datacenter-the only place for internet breakout, to new generation Windows 10
desktops and mobile devices; their approach to networking has not matured at same pace. This leads to
new generation smart applications being limited by the peer- network's architectural flaws.

Legacy enterprise network architecture still mandates traffic has to traverse a central firewall at the HQ/Data Center (DC) and then breakout to Microsoft global network. This approach not only requires more bandwidth at the HQ/DC to trombone the traffic in and out, but it also adds more latency meaning poorer performing applications.


What does Microsoft Suggest?

If one goes through the Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Principles, this is exactly what is recommended to avoid! This leads to a network hairpin situation wherein WAN or VPN traffic bound for a particular destination is first directed to another intermediate location (such as security stack (on prem DC), cloud access broker, of cloud-based web gateway), introducing latency and potential redirection to a geographically distant endpoint. Hence, new age applications call for a new age network architecture for enterprises, which is the basic thought process behind ScaleAOn®


ScaleAOn® SD-WAN for Enterprise Application?

Among many features offered by ScaleAOn®, O365 local breakout is the most widely adopted by enterprises.As this enables enterprises to leverage the power of SD-WAN to empower the SaaS usage like Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce etc.


Office 365 Local Breakout

Local breakout is achieved by opening the direct internet access for specific application(s) traffic from branch without the
need to hairpin it via DC or HQ.


ScaleAOn® offers the flexibility to choose the application specific local breakout keeping in mind the security concerns of the enterprises today, the approach widely used involves breaking the O365 traffic locally while still allowing other internet related traffic to go via DC for detailed security assessment keeping in mind the built in security features offered by O365 itself.


Faster Performance


Customer Experience


Reducing TCO

As per Telegeography survey conducted in 2019 this approach helps organizations save on expensive MPLS like intranet
connectivity thereby reducing TCO and delivers best in class Quality of Experience for end users. This approach not only helps
in Office 365 breakout, but for any SaaS breakout (e.g.-G Suite, Salesforce etc.) from branch depending on organization's
SaaS adoption.

As we know CIO's focus is shifting more towards making IT more agile and to enable digital transformation by improving end user experience for business applications like O365, Salesforce etc., over focusing just on datacenter-hosted applications. It becomes critical to adopt a solution like ScaleAOn® which can offer secure optimized connectivity, increased application performance and higher network reliability for these business applications.




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Ebook Demystifying MPLS

A deeper look at MPLS, and explain it in today's language, so you can make the best decisions for your enterprise network.



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