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5G's role in indias trillion dollar economy

5G’s role in India’s Trillion-Dollar Digital economy endeavor

India’s digital economy is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2025. Although there are infrastructural and geographical challenges, the country is all set to welcome 5G this year. What makes 5G an epoch-making technology for the country’s digital goals and ambitions?   5G promises ultra-high-speed broadband both for consumers as well as enterprises. Unlike…

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What SD-WAN means for Financial Services Industry in 2020 and Beyond?

Gartner predicts that within 12 years time, 80% of financial firms will either go out of business or be rendered irrelevant by new competition, changing customer behavior, and advancements in technology.   In retrospect, the financial industry has hemmed and hawed over cloud adoption. Strict regulations, privacy, security and several other factors contributed to this.…

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Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Challenges and Solutions

Are your employees complaining about Microsoft Office 365? Are your branches struggling for superior application experience, across all locations? It is time, you put an end to all Office 365 connectivity, performance and security challenges.      Office 365 is one of the world’s favourite applications. Consumers love it, while enterprises benefit from a diverse…

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How Businesses can use IoT to improve Operational Security

When discussions about the potential impact of IoT technology turn to the vital matter of security, they tend to focus on the negative consequences. This isn’t wholly unreasonable, in fairness — the prospect of massively ramping-up the collection and sharing of data through the networking of countless new devices should set some alarm bells ringing.…

Decoding the benefits of sd-wan.

Decoding the benefits of SD-WAN

There’s no doubt that SD-WAN is the biggest leap in the 21st-century networking industry. Features like centralized management, automation, and intent-based networking make SD-WAN the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. The benefits of SD-WAN not only include cost but the simplification of network complexities as well. With SD-WAN, enterprises can leverage as…

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ScaleAOn SD-WAN with IPv6

Internet of Things (IoT) is defining the next decade of growth as more organizations, enterprises and entities across the world start adopting these technologies. IoT is re-imagining how we live, work and play. It is having a profound impact on the Enterprise, re-defining how they interact with their ecosystem, employees, and customers. More so, in sectors…