August 23, 2018

SD-WAN: Amp-Up IT Capabilities, Not Cost

  Enterprises are moving to the Cloud. Networks now need a solution like Software-Defined Wide Area Network. SD-WAN is allowing IT to deliver fast, agile and secure user experiences at great value for money. Not only that with SD-WAN IT and Enterprises are gaining a competitive edge as well.  ...
August 20, 2018

What makes SD-WAN crucial for achieving Cloud success?

Cloud has already made computing, storage and infrastructure simple. Now its the turn for Networking to be simplified by using Cloud Technology. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture holds the key to making networking seamless and makes SD-WAN crucial for achieving Cloud success   Why Cloud? Democratization of Technology is occurring at a rapid pace....
August 15, 2018

Retail Industry: Achieving Unified Commerce with SD-WAN

  Retail Industry is becoming omnichannel with both online and brick and mortar as important business channels. The advent of new-age technologies and digital capabilities have increased customer expectations throughout their customer journey. Every touch-point along the customer journey is now an opportunity for the brand to build customer relationships in turn...
August 13, 2018

ScaleAOn – Building Private Internet Networks for the Digital Enterprise

  Networking is transforming into a software application - SDN. The ScaleAOn network architecture solves private networking on the WAN with zero knowledge of legacy network protocols, and ensures no matter how large or complex your WAN, it is Always On.   SD-WAN - The Enterprise Board Walk to the...
August 7, 2018

Is MPLS towards a slow fade-out?

Hybrid WAN has opened new doors to optimize enterprise network at its full potential. 76% of top IT professionals say SD-WAN is the solution to Digital transformation.But does this mean MPLS is dead?   What is MPLS? How it differs from SD-WAN? Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) - a technique invented...
August 1, 2018

Rising from the silos see how the role of CIOs is changing

July 26, 2018

Networking As a Service- NaaS Transforms Networking with SD-WAN

From Zero queues in Banks to doorstep services – The Virtual world is changing the way of life and business. Internet today is the backbone of the rising digital economy. Life over the internet is fast agile and flexible while Governments, businesses and Technology linchpins are constantly trying to make secure its usage....
July 24, 2018

7 Reasons why IT considers SD-WAN Budget Friendly

  IT teams find SD-WAN budget friendly as compared to MPLS based infrastructure. The cost of maintaining and managing network for numerous branches- impacts your IT budget and can be cumbersome. MPLS has long served enterprises offering various networking abilities, but unfortunately at a significantly Higher Cost. Today when IT- networks, storage...
July 17, 2018

SD-WAN: Getting State WANs ready for Digital India

Paving a path ahead of times – Virtual India – GOI’s Digital India is at its full swing. With 3 key vision areas - Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen, Governance and Services on Demand and Digital Empowerment of Citizens – the programme is rapidly progressing in embedding the...