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Network Segmentation: Secured Intent Based Private Networking

In our last blog, Network Segmentation: Segregating Traffic in the dying age of Perimeter, we discussed the importance of network segmentation at a granular level using modern era segmenting solution which can allow each segment to scale without compromising on enterprise network security. Here we discuss how intent based segmentation can help simplify enterprise private networking.…

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Is WAN Optimization Dead in the age of SD-WAN?

First, the surge of cloud traffic over less expensive DIA links offering affordable bandwidth; the rise of hybrid cloud; and an ever evolving enterprise WAN infrastructure. Secondly, the demand of consumers and users for connectivity – are reasons that has challenged enterprises to take WAN transformation very seriously. Enterprise IT is now tasked with utilizing the…

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Next Gen Retail POS Solutions driven by Connectivity

61% of shoppers prefer shopping with brands with a physical location than ones that are online only. Nearly 80% of shoppers will go to the store to buy when they have an item they need or want immediately.   To meet the evolving demands of today’s tech savvy netizens (consumers), retailers are moving close to…

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Enabling Cloud Age Connectivity: Virtualizing Software Defined Networks

The changing business models brought about by a change in today’s consumers, demands software-defined enterprises to adopt a holistic approach to innovation – connecting people, technology, and businesses. As enterprises shift to cloud, connectivity continues to remain at the fulcrum of the digital journey. New age connectivity, demands ICT teams to leverage enterprise networks just…

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Why SD-WAN is critical to cloud adoption and digital transformation?

Making Networks Cloud Ready with SD-WAN   Enterprise cloud spending is on the rise. Cloud IT infrastructure spending increased to $57.2 billion, reflecting a 21.3 % increase over the previous year.   Anything today can be delivered to the customers or end users via connected “things” over the internet “as-a-service”. IT infrastructure too is offered as-a-service…

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A Tale of Two Stories – Keynote by Shyamal Kumar at the NDS

In the technology industry, we love to have large events which bring together the excitement of innovation, business and customer success. Lavelle Networks turns 4 this year, and it was time to begin our annual show. It was exciting. Actually no, it was exhilarating. Customers, Partners, Investors and our amazing team came together to create…

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INFOGRAPHIC – Network Optimization in the digital age with SD-WAN

Changing paradigm in technology have put traditional WAN under a lot of pressure. Shift to digital, growth of cloud, and emerging new technology have compelled enterprises to optimize network for optimum performance, consistency, security, and flexibility. Thanks to Software Defined Networking! Networks today are measurable, programmable, automated, and flexible to business changes.    

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Connecting 2 billion ‘Things’ securely with SD-WAN

By 2020, the number of ‘things’ connected over the internet is expected to cross 31 billion worldwide. In India, the number amounts to 2 billion devices from the current base of 60 million. How SD-WAN boost IoT in India from the network vantage point?   Editor’s note: The focus of this blog is on how SD-WAN is…

Infographic – Life without CloudStation Mobile App

  Monitoring and maintaining heterogeneous enterprise network today creates new challenges for network administrators. In absence of data visibility, it becomes hard for network teams to predict and monitor network issues. SD-WAN allows enterprise network teams to validate and analyse data of multiple network sources, and applications seamlessly from its built-in analytical feature of the…

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10 inspirational Indian women in the technology sector today.

“The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform. It can follow analysis; but it has no power of anticipating any analytical relations or truths. Its province is to assist us to making available what we are already acquainted with.[Describing Charles Babbage’s…