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Securing your Network – When the Perimeter is not visible

Firewall – The respectable padlock In the year 1993, a new network function was born – the Firewall. A word which makes IT teams and CIOs smile, grimace and cry. The Network Firewall became like the venerable multi-lever padlock we all learnt to trust for our doors. Until of course it became possible to steal…

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The Truth About WAN Optimization

What We Understand WAN optimization (AKA WAN Acceleration) is a set of techs that maximize the data flow across the Wide Area Network. The goal is to increase the speed of information to the end user. It has been a subject of curiosity for many researchers since the early 2000s. These researches helped a lot…

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8 Predictions: SD-WAN in 2019

2018 has been the year of SD-WAN. While Enterprises replaced their static MPLS networks and shifting base to Software Defined WANs, Networking companies have been offering virtualized WAN and end-to-end cloud-based provisioning. This will continue to happen in 2019. Although MPLS will not cease to exist completely, an increase in the number of Hybrid WANs…

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The Importance of Network Analytics

Why is network analytics so important? If you’ve read our previous articles, you’d know by now that we have been endorsing ‘software-defined everything’ to the T. We strongly believe that SD-WAN is the present and the future. The demand for Network SaaS is perpetual and the triad of The Cloud, Network and the Internet is…

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Top SD-WAN Drivers & Managed SD-WAN Services

To begin with the most obvious statement — the primary reason SD-WAN appeals to IT pioneers, over legacy network technologies, is the promise of simplified network deployment, unified control, and real-time delivery. Which is why this study conducted by Gartner in 2015 (read the full article here) makes complete sense. A prediction was made by…

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Future challenges in networking and benefits of SD-WAN

In our last blog, we highlighted the current situation of SD-WAN in the Indian market and why it is an integral part of business success today? Today, we shall continue that discussion and figure out as to why experts, across industries are calling SD-WAN a natural upgrade? And networking challenges that enterprises like your’s could face…