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INFOGRAPHIC – Network Optimization in the digital age with SD-WAN

Changing paradigm in technology have put traditional WAN under a lot of pressure. Shift to digital, growth of cloud, and emerging new technology have compelled enterprises to optimize network for optimum performance, consistency, security, and flexibility. Thanks to Software Defined Networking! Networks today are measurable, programmable, automated, and flexible to business changes.    

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Connecting 2 billion ‘Things’ securely with SD-WAN

By 2020, the number of ‘things’ connected over the internet is expected to cross 31 billion worldwide. In India, the number amounts to 2 billion devices from the current base of 60 million. How SD-WAN boost IoT in India from the network vantage point?   Editor’s note: The focus of this blog is on how SD-WAN is…

Infographic – Life without CloudStation Mobile App

  Monitoring and maintaining heterogeneous enterprise network today creates new challenges for network administrators. In absence of data visibility, it becomes hard for network teams to predict and monitor network issues. SD-WAN allows enterprise network teams to validate and analyse data of multiple network sources, and applications seamlessly from its built-in analytical feature of the…

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10 inspirational Indian women in the technology sector today.

“The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform. It can follow analysis; but it has no power of anticipating any analytical relations or truths. Its province is to assist us to making available what we are already acquainted with.[Describing Charles Babbage’s…

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IoT in India from the Network vantage point

Are enterprises ready to monetize and witness positive returns from their IoT investments?   The recent Assocham-EY report highlights, the IoT market in India is expected to reach a mind boggling 2 billion connections generating $11.1 billion of revenue by 2022. The country is expected to emerge as a $1 trillion digital economy by that…

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Building a Hybrid WAN strategy optimising SD-WAN

As enterprises are becoming more and more cloud dependent, it is also becoming obvious, that the legacy solutions like MPLS are no longer sufficient for today’s enterprise requirements. Practically, even though the advantages for SD-WAN are evident, enterprises would not want to uproot their existent network backbone and switch to more modern WAN solutions like…

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Network KPIs – Why it matters for network teams?

In the age of digital Darwinism, technology – Cloud, SDN, Virtualization, DevOps and so on – has greatly impacted the way IT operates today. Every IT function today demands agility and clamours for mobility. And as we evolve further into the virtual world, challenges galore for Networking teams keep their KPI roster green day in and out.…

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Is Your Traditional Network Monitoring Solution Any Good?

If you have been following our writeups (which I hope you do and regularly!), you would realize that lately, we have been talking a lot about network monitoring and its various aspects. The reason being that it is of paramount importance. Without a competent performance monitoring tool, the entire system becomes a cesspool of undetected…

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Understanding The NFV Architecture

Even though “Virtualization” has been around since quite some time and the term has been thrown around for many parts of the computing world, it has become an “in-thing” since the re-introduction of Virtual Machines in early 2000s.   Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Virtualized Network Function (VNF) are two terms that are used pretty loosely and are…

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Some Open Source Networking Projects You May Need to Know About

The evolution and advancements of open source networking projects is the direct result of the high demands of network scaling and severe customization in the software. One can even consider this to be the building-block of the next generation information technology. We say this because many networking vendors are using some amount of open source…

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[Infographic] Benefits of Monitoring Networks Proactively

To avoid events that end up adding cost in your daily IT operations, network teams stay on top of their toes, keeping a hawk eye on every ongoing network activity. And, why not? Network performance after all, is quantifiable, measurable and every CTO is responsible to show its impact on the bottom line. By extending…