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8 Load balancing techniques blog featured image

8 Load Balancing techniques you should know

To put simply, load balancing means to distribute workloads (data) intelligently between different computing services to improve connectivity – Reliability, redundancy and network performance. Load balancers are like traffic police. They manage traffic between enterprise servers. Load balancers are crucial today to manage evolving traffic patterns ensuring there’s no overload in enterprise servers. Load balancers…

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Network Security Threats: Are Enterprises doing enough to prevent it?

Network security remains a prime concern as enterprises helm forward towards digital. 95% of CIOs expect cybersecurity threats to increase and impact their enterprise.  Are enterprises doing enough to mitigate new age network security threats?   Traditionally, WAN and network security was considered two different aspects. IT networking teams focused on connectivity; security teams protected…

Demystifying SD WAN cost savings

Demystifying SD WAN cost savings

Enterprises relying on MPLS can significantly reduce networking cost by implementing software defined wide are networks. In addition to cost saving, SD-WAN enables automation, intelligence and centralized management which makes enterprise networks cloud ready. Weighing all these factors into consideration, SD-WAN cost savings in enterprises can surge higher than 60%.   SD-WAN today addresses not only…

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SD-WAN vs MPLS in the cloud era

According to a study, enterprises that have converted more than 90% of their sites to SD-WAN are realizing significant improvements: 20% reduction in staffing required for the WAN, and 33% reduction in the amount of time WAN staff spend on troubleshooting. They are likewise seeing a 69% reduction in the amount of time a typical…