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Link Load Balancing: ScaleAOn Dynamic Path Selection

Traditionally, applications remained in-house at fixed locations protected with a well defined perimeter. To enhance user experience (customer, employees and remote workforce), enterprises used WAN optimization techniques, for example techniques like TCP optimization, compression and caching. This worked well with relatively small capacity WAN links. All these techniques worked in favour of ICT, as the…

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Network Segmentation: Best practices to secure the portal

In the marvelous world of digital, enterprises are in a constant hunt for all the infinity stones – The Internet, The Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Software Defined Networks – to become invincible – Agile, Flexible, Fast and Software-Defined – and seek success in the race to digital. Although the analogy may sound cinematic, for…

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Top Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud for SMBs

AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform continue to compete for the title of the best public cloud provider. 2019 figures from Rightscale (reported in ZDNet’s annual report) have Amazon’s AWS as the clear market leader on 61% market share but Google Cloud Platform, currently in third spot, have more businesses currently experimenting with the…