Board of Directors


Shyamal Kumar network_analysis

Founder & CEO,
Lavelle Networks Founder
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Our CEO is also our in-house 'network' guy. Shyamal is a data networking product leader. He has worked on data centre, enterprise and service provider networks. He has played a key role in bringing wireless broadband platforms to the world through the Telsima WiMAX portfolio and has also been instrumental in the development of Juniper MX. At Lavelle Networks, his team brought SD-WAN products to the market and catalysed their rapid adoption.


Karthik Madhava network_analysis

Lavelle Networks,
Board Director, CTO & Founder

In today's times, good user experience is everything and no one understands this better than Karthik. He serves as the essential link between the product, its users and the businesses they help, to provide the best experience there possibly could be. Here at Lavelle Networks, he's converting people to the only ubiquitous network there really is- the internet.


Naganand Doraswamy network_analysis

Ideaspring Capital
Board Director

Naganand is a serial entrepreneur turned investor. After exiting his most recent start-up, he founded Ideaspring Capital to fund and actively support product innovation start-ups. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs who have the vision and passion to build products for the global markets. Naganand is very well networked and respected in the start-up ecosystem and he actively participates in various organizations focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Satish Mugulavalli network_analysis

YourNest Venture Capital
Board Director

Satish is a Venture Partner at YourNest Venture Capital with over 25 years of entrepreneurship experience across India and Silicon Valley. He invests in startups with special focus on Enterprise SaaS and Electronics. He is also on the Board of Advisor for SeeHow, GolfLan, ThingsCloud, FraggingMonk and VaultEdge.

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