Case Study - Connecting Public Health Care With SD-WAN
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Case Study - Connecting Public Health Care With SD-WAN

Digital India needs great indigenous technology across the spectrum. Lavelle Networks is proud to have been given the opportunity to impact a national project at scale, and proving that India will go digital faster than anyone can imagine.

This Case Study covers the following:

  • The Challenge
  • The Decision
  • Field Trial
  • The result

Case Study - Connecting Public Health Care With SD-WAN

A national public health care service program in India with thousands of centers across the country, has been trying to build its nation wide network to connect all centers to the government data center. Relying on legacy technologies like MPLS, the project stumbled for years, with no network visibility, slow connections, unpredictable timelines for new centers to be connected. The ultimate beneficiaries of the service - citizens had to deal with delays in getting information across the counter, due to the unreliable and creaking wide area network. This case study provides a solution to connecting public healthcare with SD-WAN in record time

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