The Lavelle Networks Story

Started with a cup of coffee in an old Bangalore hangout..

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Our Vision

Build end to end Enterprise Networking Platforms for tomorrow

At Lavelle Networks, we have a vision to build enterprise networking platforms which embrace SDN, create powerful high-performance software functions, enable high-speed & safe consumption of cloud computing. Our platforms highlight our belief in combining these three technology trends into one end-to-end enterprise networking platform for today and tomorrow.

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Who we are

What we do

Lavelle Networks offers an SDN networking platform that solves the biggest challenges to enterprises connecting over the WAN. All users, locations and cloud networks are connected using a patent pending user interface & SDN gateways, which can manage with amazing levels of visibility, a 10-10000 node network with less than 4 operational steps. Every connected endpoint is protected from all network attacks using a diffused security perimeter spread across cloud point of presence. All edge networks connected over this platform are also dynamically switched to a congestion aware Internet overlay that can deliver consistent levels of network performance even when applications are on the public cloud or SaaS destinations.

How we got the name Lavelle Networks?

Bangalore lives on Coffee. At 560001, in a quaint coffee shop on Lavelle Road, we started a journey into the powerful world of SDN. Having read the pioneering work at Google B4, we drew up all sorts of network topologies that could be solved by moving intelligence into the cloud. We wanted to build a technology and product company with the unique identity of Bangalore. Since the idea struck us at a coffee shop on the famed Lavelle Road, an epitome of Bangalore's culture and heritage, we decided to identify ourselves with innovation in Bangalore, with the place where the idea first came to us. And so started the journey of Lavelle Networks!

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    Shyamal Kumar

    Founder & CEO


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