SD-WAN Enterprise Use Cases & Solutions

Enhancing Application Performance Monitoring with Cloud Ready Networks

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Automating hybrid cloud connectivity

Enterprise Challenges

  • Cloud Networking is different from that on premise networking and also varies across Cloud Service Providers
  • Complex to manage multiple tunnels to the Cloud Network from the branch locations
  • Costs of Networking to the Cloud grow exponentially as the number of branch locations increase

SD-WAN Solution

  • Abstract the differences in Cloud Networking to make it simple to connecting to the Cloud
  • Extend the corporate policies and governance of the Enterprise Network all the way to the Cloud
  • Reduce the cost of extending the enterprise network to the cloud – making it inline with other costs on the Cloud

Remote Office Security

Secure internet access at remote offices

Enterprise Challenges

  • Managing security by allowing internet access at branch locations is a challenge
  • Expensive to deploy best of breed security appliances at each remote branch office
  • Difficult to isolate end points and users once a breach occurs

SD-WAN Solution

  • Secure internet access at each branch office with internet security deployed on the Cloud
  • Scrub all in bound and out bound traffic with best of breed security applications
  • Isolate users and application traffic to quarantine the traffic in run time

Application Performance

Allow direct internet access only for selected Enterprise SaaS applications like Office 365

Enterprise Challenges

  • Performance issues and poor application experience for users of Enterprise SaaS like Office 365 with existing Hub & Spoke Enterprise WAN topologies
  • Lack of bandwidth for bandwidth intensive Enterprise SaaS applications like Office 365
  • Security concerns with allowing direct internet access from branch locations

SD-WAN Solution

  • Overcome of the bandwidth availability issues with existing MPLS based Enterprise Network for SaaS Applications
  • Ensure that Enterprise SaaS applications directly access the internet from Branch offices while rest of the internet traffic always goes through centralized enterprise security infrastructure
  • Ensure that only selected and known Enterprise Applications get internet bandwidth

Distributed Locations

Connect distributed locations on a hybrid network

Enterprise Challenges

  • Feasibility issues with one provider connecting all the geographically distributed locations
  • Low utilization of all the available WAN links at locations with multiple MPLS circuits and broadband
  • Lack of Application performance due to lack of bandwidth at remote locations

SD-WAN Solution

  • Aggregate all available WAN links as one logical pipe to Increase the utilization
  • Connect locations with different service providers links to form one logical network
  • Prioritize bandwidth on a per application and per user basis to allow consistent application performance for all users

Lavelle Networks SD-WAN Solution Suite

WAN Edge Gateway

A next generation software defined
solution with uniform network
experience across users, branch
offices and data centers

Network Orchestrator

Centralized control and command
center for configuration, management
and monitoring of your entire WAN

SD-WAN Network Monitoring

360 degree view of the network from
anytime, anywhere with real time
notifications. A proactive way to monitor
large IT networks.