Lavelle Networks SD-WAN Solution

Features and Benefits for your Enterprise Network Virtulization

Dynamic Multipathing

Quality based link load balancing icon.

Quality based link load balancing

Automatic detection of the application traffic sensitivity to quality or capacity of WAN, Network Scores and automatic selection of best link based on Quality score or WAN quality sensitive applications

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Capacity Based Load Balancing

Application flows load balanced across all available WAN links based on the capacity

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Traffic steering

Asymmetric and symmetric enterprise traffic steering between the hub and the spoke using quality based WAN path selection

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WAN Transport Independance

Use of any type of WAN link being terminated on a CloudPort- Internet broadband, wires or wireless, Internet Leased Line or a MPLC Circuit.

Network Segmentation

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Network Groups

Flexible and robust solution as there is no static overlay network that needs to be maintained but a dynamic tunnel that is established at run-time based on a policy defined in the controller.

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Encryption Policies

Encrypt the traffic destined to a network inside a network group. Data integrity modes and FIPS compliant Data Encryption algorithms are supported

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Encryption Key Management

The Encryption policy dictates how frequently the Encryption Key is generated.

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VPN Topologies

Full Mesh Topology, Site Topology, Hub and Spoke Topology, Custom Topology

Network Security

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Web Security

Whitelist and blacklist URLs. Make internet access secure with security policies that can be applied at a users, Applications, ports and protocols level

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Bandwidth Management

Both User based and App based Bandwidth management.

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Threat Prevention and Data Protection

Service chain integration with best of breed third party solutions for antivirus, anti-malware, data leak prevention and file type controls

Network Policies

Centralized network policies that govern the wide area network.

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Quality of Service (QoS) Policy

Traffic control subsystem for traffic class aware queuing, receive and transmission mechanisms based on attributes of the packet

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Application & User Policies

Intelligently combine users and applications to apply network wide policies using 3000+ applications that the system natively identifies

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Load Balancing Policy

Override the system intelligence to use specific WAN links for specific application traffic types

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WAN Policy

Allows for traffic control between network segments- LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to LAN and WAN to WAN network segments.

LAN Management

Administer and managing computer networks- Wifi, Guest Logins, AAA and more

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WiFi Management

Integrated WiFi, OTP based guest login, user identification & AAA integration

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VLAN Management

Use CloudPort to configure VLAN's on both LAN and WAN Interfaces

Intelligent Routing

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Static Routes, BGP and OSPF protocols

Support for Static Routes, BGP and OSPF protocols to peer with LAN side router to discover the network segments in the branch office and hub site

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Software Defined Network

Software Defined Network ensures that it does not use routing on the WAN side

Lavelle Network's SDWAN Solution

Know which solution works best for your business network
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Business SD-WAN

SD-WAN offered as a Network Service for enterprises with medium bandwidth requirements across their locations

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Enterprise SD-WAN

SD-WAN offered as a network service for large enterprises with high availability and large bandwidth requirements

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Professional Services

Suite of professional services to complete every aspect of your migration, build out, or expansion of SD-WAN