CloudStation Network
Orchestrator Features

SD-WAN For Enhanced Network Experience


Ease of Deployment

Zero touch provisioning, zero peering
architecture, Private IP at branch, with
multi-NAT traversal. Plug and Play
deployment at spoke locations, No Peering
protocols on WAN side

Network Groups

Network Groups or the SD-WAN VPN.
Multi-link elastic VPN, ScaleAOn private
network segmentation - Full mesh
any-to-any VPN

Path Selection

Network parameters for path selection
include - latency, jitter, PLR, network
capacity WAN policies to override or
customize link selection. Flow based load

Enterprise Data Security

Encryption - AES128 AES256,SHA256
Authentication - SHA 384, SHA 512
Mode -CBC, Counter, GCM

Tunnel Protocols

GRE, IPSEC Lavelle specialized
encapsulation for advanced SD-WAN
path performance

Traffic Control

Policy based QoS, Bandwidth control,
traffic rate limiting

Hybrid WAN

MPLS, P2P, ILL, wired or wireless

Network Security


Stateful network session


FIPS compliant algorithms

Internet Access

Web filtering, application access
control (including SaaS)

Device Access Control

Locked down access to on-
device command shell. Encrypted
and authenticated control

Networking Branch

LAN Management



BGP, OSPF, Static Routes, NAT, VLAN

Cloud Connect

Public/Private Cloud connectivity. Virtual
instance looks like extended physical branch.
All business policies are applicable to virtual
branch in same fashion

Control/Data Plane Separation

Control and data plane are separate and in case
control plane is not reachable still data plane will
be up and running.

Network Control

Provision Multiple

Create, manage multiple
customer or tenants

On Prem/Cloud

CloudStation instance in
customer premise or customer
cloud account, with login for
and management of network

Web Console for
Branch Device

Web based local access on
CloudPort Appliance

Orchestrator as a

CloudStation as a service with user
login only for network monitoring

Remote Diagnostics

CloudPort appliance diagnostics
through remote command shell-
Browser based remote command
line to branch office

Access Control

Access control for Network
Administrator users and
Network Operators

Policy Configurations

Apply policies at network, region,
branch, group of branches or
complete network level


Configuration requests via
helpdesk tickets and
access control for monitoring users

Network Monitoring


3rd party integration can be
done through REST APIs
for custom monitoring and

Network Analysis

Raw statistics for AI, machine
learning can be exported for custom


Network monitoring can be
done using external SNMP Managers

Expandable Storage

Requirement based expandable
storage available for monitoring
data. 30 days default storage

Real Time Alerts

Configurable thresholds for alerting
faults, information and events. Alerts
can be sent via both email and sms

Monitoring Dashboard

Per branch, per link - utilization,
throughput, network scores.
Network flow analysis per user,
per end point, per application.

Lavelle Networks SD-WAN Solution Suite

Know which Solution works best for your business network

CloudStation Business

Get SD-WAN offered as Network as
a Service, policy based internet
network traffic steering for remote
breakout, Advanced WAN Services
ticket based network administration
and more

CloudStation Pro

SD-WAN offered as NaaS on
customer premise/cloud,
requirement based expandable
storage, role-based network
administration, DC/DR across
geography or Hybrid Cloud
and more

CloudStation Provider

Provision multiple tenants, get
advanced network monitoring, High
Availability and advanced WAN
services, 3rd party integration,
advanced reporting
and more

Ready to Upgrade Your Network to Next Generation WAN?

Keep your network always on, with Lavelle Networks advanced
next generation ScaleAOn SD-WAN technology for Fastest Scale, Fastest
Network and the Fastest Deployment