Network performance monitoring

Network Administration as Managed Service

Available with SD-WAN Advanced Edition

Continuous Network Administration

Network Management

Network Monitoring

Advanced wan security.

ISP Liasoning as Managed Service

Manage Multiple ISP's with a Single Console

Use Network Scores to identify ISP link issues at a geography, organisation or user level using the same metrics, which are aggregated across your WAN. Stay on top of your link performance, and bandwidth budgeting with periodic customized reports.

Monitor ISP Link Quality & Capacity

Easily compare how your ISPs are doing, even if you have purchased different service packages and service levels using cloud native algorithms for a uniform, normalised rating of link quality and capacity across hybrid providers and networks.

Recommend ISPs at your location, bandwidth procurement and SLA negotiation

Migration or adoption of an Internet based WAN would require collaboration to find the right ISPs for you. Our partners help identify this for you using our home grown ISP aggregation marketplace.

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Technical Support

Available with SD-WAN Advanced Edition

Depending on the plan chosen we provide 24 x 7 support, 4x1 hardware including annual maintenance. Our suite of professional services complete every aspect of your migration, build out, or expansion of SD-WAN. We understand that not every network is the same, and not every governance or regulatory environment is the same.

Deploy and Data Services to include migration from classical WAN to SD-WAN, SDN Controller Data Backup and other network deployment services

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With Lavelle Networks, you don't just get a 100% SD-WAN solution with Zero Peering Architecture, our mission is to provide the fastest deployments with the best customer experience.

Lavelle Network's SDWAN Solution

Choose the solution that works best for your business network

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Business SD-WAN

SD-WAN offered as a Network Service for enterprises with medium bandwidth requirements across their locations.

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Enterprise SD-WAN

SD-WAN offered as a network service for large enterprises with high availability and large bandwidth requirements.

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