Multi-SASE Integration: The Future of Enterprise Security

About this webinar

In this session, we will highlight Multi SASE Integration based on the Applications. While each SASE has its own strengths be it in terms of Ransomware protection, Data protection, and Data Leak Prevention, or protection against Crypto-mining, etc.

Every enterprise comes with its own set of applications and demands from security, and requires a tailored SASE approach. In this situation, it is imperative for enterprise IT teams to answer the following:

  • Is your SD-WAN capable of handling such scenarios does the policy framework support Multiple SASE vendor integrations? For Example- Can your SD-WAN detect a Dropbox traffic vs Enterprise app Traffic and steer the traffic.
  • Can the same infrastructure allow you to protect users irrespective of their locations?

We will discuss how Intel OVS software-based data plane implementation can be used to create a highly flexible policy engine to support Application-aware Multi SASE deployments.

Multi-SASE Integration

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