Lavelle Networks Events

StartupBridge India

StartupBridge India is an annual conference held in December at Stanford where top technology innovators from India and Silicon Valley build strategic partnerships to innovate the world. While Silicon Valley innovates for 1st billion, India innovated for next 6 billion! Our founders Karthik Madhava and Shyamal Kumar discussed why Digital transformation needs WAN Innovation.


We discussed how to make networks “Simple.Secure.Swift” using SDN at first NGN Summit which took place in Hyderabad, India from 13th – 15th February 2017 with a primary focus on promoting technology and understanding the Telecom, ICT & IoT market and it’s future with a vision of secure world.

In March 2019, at (ISC)² Official Chapter Bangalore

In March 2019, at (ISC)² Official Chapter Bangalore, our CEO, Shyamal Kumar discussed about how to Secure your Network When the Perimeter is not visible. In this session he discussed about the existing Network Firewall approach to Security and Performance, Complexity, Cost associated with the enterprise IT security and importance of Network behaviour Analysis in…