Software and Cloud are catalysts for Innovation in Telcos

Monolithic hardware-centric communications networks are passé. Several upcoming technologies, like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), demand an agile, flexible, and programmable network that is easily scalable and adaptable in line with the evolving needs of the new-age customers. The traditional approach of just adding the new components on top of the network’s existing infrastructure is…


Why Enterprises are replacing Routers with SD-WAN?

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure states, “Gartner clients report operational savings as high as 90% when comparing the better WAN Edge solutions with traditional router-based deployments (administration time of five minutes/month versus one hour/month).”   Enterprises have well realized the fact that static MPLS connections and legacy routers that connected branch offices to…

Link load balancing blog featured image.

Link Load Balancing: ScaleAOn Dynamic Path Selection

Traditionally, applications remained in-house at fixed locations protected with a well defined perimeter. To enhance user experience (customer, employees and remote workforce), enterprises used WAN optimization techniques, for example techniques like TCP optimization, compression and caching. This worked well with relatively small capacity WAN links. All these techniques worked in favour of ICT, as the…