Changing paradigm in technology have put traditional WAN under a lot of pressure. Shift to digital, growth of cloud, and emerging new technology have compelled enterprises to optimize network for optimum performance, consistency, security, and flexibility. Thanks to Software Defined Networking! Networks today are measurable, programmable, automated, and flexible to business changes.


Why Multi-SASE adoption makes sense for an enterprise?

The Scenario   Today’s distributed enterprises use various kinds of applications right from basic collaboration tools to complex enterprise applications and everything in between. Users use multiple SaaS applications, Infrastructure, and platform-as-a-service solutions in some way to perform their day-to-day tasks. Users also access random resources on the internet – from social media to news…


Software and Cloud are catalysts for Innovation in Telcos

Monolithic hardware-centric communications networks are passé. Several upcoming technologies, like 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), demand an agile, flexible, and programmable network that is easily scalable and adaptable in line with the evolving needs of the new-age customers. The traditional approach of just adding the new components on top of the network’s existing infrastructure is…