Can your network take you to your Cloud?

Applications are moving faster than ever to the Cloud. This is driven by pure economics of scale. As compute and storage have standardized across cloud providers and become a commodity, network has significantly lagged behind in catching up with its compute and storage counterparts. The very network that connect your users to applications when the  applications were inside your private data center can no longer take you to the Cloud where your applications now reside. The network is still stuck in the old paradigm of connecting fixed locations, connecting your branch offices and the data center where your applications were.

Your Applications have become faster and smarter. Your network stuck in the old paradigm of fixed locations and small bandwidth?
There are questions that beg an answer because of the network, rather the lack of it, as you connect to the Cloud.
Is your network as agile as your infrastructure in the Cloud?


We were speaking at the first SDN/NFV Summit in Mumbai, India and surrounded by several distinguished speakers and companies. Impressive slides, visuals, forecast figures. And then it was our turn…..

I told the audience that as a startup we will have far fewer graphs and figures, we aren’t that old by definition as a startup to analyse our historical data. But as a startup, we will have lots of stories to tell, right from the war front on the market. Where our customers are at war with problems, and we are fighting with them to win the battle against complexity, vulnerabilities and performance in today’s networks. And so we regaled them with our stories, real stories about real networks.

And so today, we are excited to announce that our company blog – “Our SDN Story” debuts on our website. This is where we will invite you time and again to read, converse and dialogue with us about all of those war front stories.

SDN is here, and it is real. Starting with the seminal paper from Google on its B4 project, to where we are today. It has taken time, but SDN has done what such movements are supposed to.

We tell our audiences all the time that SDN is to data networks, what Android was to the mobile phone industry. Once the application, OS, hardware platforms got dis-aggregated and democratised, the companies which dominated the mobile phone space fell away, and companies we didn’t know about a few years back are racing to dominate. That is what happens when you break down proprietary platforms into open systems. Business models built on dominance from walled garden platforms break down.

At its heart, SDN is about separating the brains and muscle in data networking. For decades, we had combined them, leading to that word we learnt to revere – “convergence”. All your network boxes had to “converge” on the changes, before you knew the network was working the way you wanted it to. The “brains” in every network box had to agree with the “brains” in every other network box.

Not any more, now with SDN we allow the modern hardware platforms to focus on pure performance “muscle”, and we allow the SDN controllers to focus on pure intelligence “brains”. As a network administrator, it will be enough for you to tell the network brain – “Here is what I want”, and you can bet your network will flex its muscle to do just that.

So, welcome to “Our SDN Story”.