WAN Link Aggregation

Understand all about WLAG and Dynamic Multipathing

Lavelle Network's Solution Overview

What is WAN Link Aggregation (WLAG)?

It is an innovative technique developed to mitigate problems like availability and performance in the last mile internet connectivity. It relies on the fact that

- there are multitude of service providers, some global and a lot local, whoserve at any given Enterprise location.

- Internet bandwidth is inexpensive and the probability of the connectivity loss happening with all the internet links from all the service providers at the same time is low and highly unlikely.

What are the Benefits of WAN Link Aggregation?

It increases network performance and resiliency by harnessing all available WAN links, be it MPLS circuits from any service provider or Internet Leased Line, Broadband, Wireless [3G or 4G] into a single logical WAN interface.

The system actively monitors the quality in terms of latency, packet loss and jitter, and the capacity in terms of the throughput, of the links and steers traffic to the most appropriate link based on the business intent defined as a policy.

Lavelle Networks Advantage.

The Lavelle platform ensures the experience for the Enterprise is uniform across all locations irrespective what type of WAN link is connected and from which service provider.

  • The system gives the “Power of Many” to your Enterprise to connect your locations, your users and your applications and unshackle it from the clutches of a single service provider.
  • It gives you the choice of service providers at each location.
Infographic style deployment topology used by lavelle networks.

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