Remotely Manage Multiple Locations on your Network

Standard Edition for Business SD-WAN is most suited for industries like,
Retail, Logistics, Hospitality and e-Commerce

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Digital Transformation needs WAN Innovation

Transition to Cloud Networks with Fast Deployments
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Reduce Total Cost
of Ownership

Save 60% costs at the branch and in the Data Center. Lower incremental cost of scaling and adding new locations.

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Increase Network

Deploy across 10000 locations in a month with automated upgrades and centralized policies across branch and data centers.

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Reduce IT Complexity

Simplify network configuration and management with a centralized command center.

Standard Edition Benefits for Business SD-WAN Requirements

The Easiest and Fastest way to transition to Cloud Networks for
Businesses with more than 30 locations
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    Deploy, Manage and Monitor your hybrid WAN with a simple user interface. Manage any network size with less than 4 steps, Zero touch provisioning (Branch, DC, or Cloud) or glue VRFs, VPNs, VPC, VNET together for your network group design.

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    Get Uniform Network Security across your applications in branches, data centers and cloud networks. Branch IP address cloaking for zero attack surface with Industry’s fastest 256-bit re-keying mechanism, Edge Firewall, and Cloud Security Gateway.


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    Increase Network Bandwidth

    Traditional WAN architecture trombones your application traffic to a data center for centralized internet access and discounts the geographical proximity of one branch location versus your other to the SaaS Data Center.

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    Service provider flexibility

    Use the best service provider depending on the location of your branch. Use the advantage of provider agnostic solution to seamlessly plugs in multiple service providers without compromising scalability and security of your network.


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    Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    Connect your Branch Offices to Cloud within minutes with zero touch provisioning. Connect Enterprise resources across across private, hosted and public Clouds. Does your enterprise use Azure or AWS? Simply does not matter.

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    Reduce IT Network Complexity

    Bringing up new site is as easy as powering on the device. Adding or removing networks to VPN requires just drag and drop of the network in CS UI. Within minutes, thousands of sites get new configuration from the central controller


The preferred SD-WAN solution for Retail Networks

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360 degree SD-WAN coverage for your WAN to
Secure, Accelerate and Defend your Network

Treat your Internet Bound Enterprise and Non-Enterprise Traffic differently
Generic internet traffic for the users.

Key benefits

networks insights icon.

Network Insights

Logging and statistics infrastructure provides deployment wide insight in the form of various key statistics and event logs.

Troubleshooting icon.


System debugging tools are available to engineering and support teams to diagnose the solution- remote command injection, system snapshot, packet tracing and monitoring.

Network monitoring icon.

Network Monitoring

Actively measure WAN links for both quality and capacity. The two probe applications are designed to function in a full-mesh peer-to-peer configuration.

Dynamic path icon.

Dynamic Path Selection

Increase network performance and link resiliency by harnessing all available WAN links (MPLS/ILL/Broadband/3G-4G) into a single logical WAN interface.

Software management icon.

Software Management

CloudPort syncs with the CloudStation at periodic intervals to pull the configuration updates. Designed and developed as a ‘software only’ solution CloudPort, is also platform agnostic.

Management and control icon

Management and Control

User roles allow varied level of functionality access to the administrator who is associated to that role.

Policy definition icon.

Policy definition
and management

Central network programmability and service enablement for software-defined service capabilities - ACL policy, QOS policy and WAN policy

Zero peering architecture icon.

Zero Peering Architecture

Network segmentation abstraction that simplifies management of network segregation. This helps realize a VPN in different topologies with multiple encapsulation options.

Managed Services geared towards
superior customer experience

Migration icon.

Network Administration Services

Network monitoring and management as a service to increase network availability and handle change requests

Hybrid cloud icon.

ISP Liasoning Services

Manage Multiple ISP's with a Single Console,Monitor ISP Link Quality & Capacity and Recommend ISPs at your location, bandwidth procurement and SLA negotiation

Technical support icon.

Deployment Services

Get help to connect to the most remote of your locations anywhere, everywhere!

Ready to upgrade your network to the Cloud?

Get the most Scalable and Fastest WAN solution with
Lavelle Networks unique Zero Peering Architecture
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Download eBook on Introduction to SD-WAN

Download this eBook to understand the SD-WAN technology, how it benefits organizations and a comparison of SD-WAN with MPLS, VPN and P2P

Enterprises are preparing for the surge in cloud and software-as-a-service(SaaS) applications. SD-WAN can bring maximum value to enterprises by handling any kind of hybrid WAN scenario, whether MPLS, Internet, leased line, 3G/4G, private WAN address, public WAN address, ephemeral WAN address using DHCP and a host of variants.