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Case Studies

Kalupur Bank

Achieved 70% cost savings along with enhanced visibility, manageability, network uptime, and QoS across all branches.

Havells - Unbeatable scale and speed

Transformed network & achieved nearly 100% uptime across all branches using SD-WAN.


Network transformation using Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solution across multiple branches.

Gokak Mills

Improved its application and network performance using SD-WAN.


Transformed it's WAN with a vision to elevate the quality of life for consumers by offering unparalleled convenience.

MaxLife Insurance

Achieved key goals for WAN transformation across its multiple branches.

Retail Digital Transformation 2.0

1200+ Retail Store chain underwent a Network Transformation to meet the demands of the Cloud era.

Connecting Public Health Care with SD-WAN

Impact a national project at scale, and proving that India will go digital faster than anyone can imagine .

White Papers

ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Logistics Industry

This document provides an overview of Lavelle Networks ScaleAOn Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution to connect numerous locations of a logistics company with data centers

ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Pharmaceutical Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect various entities of the ecosystem of a pharmaceutical company

ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Public Sector

SD-WAN solution to connect remote facilities, corporate offices, plants, mines, etc. of public sector units (PSUs) with data centers, disaster recovery sites, and resources on public cloud(s)

ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Manufacturing Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect the Manufacturing factories, warehouses, service centers and branch offices to Data Center, Disaster Recovery Data Center and other private resources of Company on public cloud(s)

SASE- The Future of SD-WAN & Network Security

A combination of network-as-a-service capabilities such as SD-WAN, WAN optimization, etc. and the Security-as-a-Service such as SWG, CASB, FWaaS, etc.

ScaleAOn SD-WAN for Banking Industry

SD-WAN solution to connect the Retail Branch Locations, Corporate Locations and ATMs to Data Center, Disaster Recovery Data Center and other private resources of a Bank on public cloud(s)

ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioning

WAN edge or branch networking has been traditionally a manual and complex IT maintenance activity.

Designing India's Leap Into Digital Economy

The state of SD-WAN adoption in India and key insights into next generation networking technology designed to help India leapfrog into the digital economy.

Techinacal Docs

ScaleAOn SD-WAN 10.0 Datasheet

ScaleAOn SD-WAN is the next generation SD-WAN platform and the most comprehensive portfolio for transforming your enterprise network. The architecture empowers your network with unbeatable Scale at great speed and keeps it running - Always On.

Product Brochure

SDN solutions that are the most scalable and agile, as compared to any other SD-WAN product. Download the brochure to get more details.

State of SD-WAN in India Report 2020

In this report, we bring to you a distilled analysis of the sweeping phenomenon of SD-WAN in the Indian enterprise market.

Intel Network Builders - Lavelle Networks Solution Brief

Legacy MPLS services are highly reliable for access to data center applications but are easily congested with cloud data. Lavelle’s ScaleAon SD-WANs offload cloud traffic to IP networks for exceptional performance while helping maintain quality security.


An Introduction to SD-WAN

Read about what SD-WAN technology is, how it benefits your organization and a comparison of SD-WAN with MPLS, VPN and P2P

Demystifying MPLS

A deeper look at MPLS, and explain it in today's language, so you can make the best decisions for your enterprise network.


Unfold Lavelle Networks revolutionary flagship technology - ScaleAOn – Cloud controlled SD-WAN that simplifies the complex art of creating scalable VPNs.

Implementing Software Defined WAN

Get insights from the team which pulled off the world’s most grueling SD-WAN transition of 1000 locations in two weeks.


Lavelle Networks SD-WAN Solution

Video (3:08 Minutes)

CloudStation - Lavelle Networks SD WAN Solution

Video (1:10 Minutes)

Ready to Upgrade your Network to get ready for the Cloud?

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