Why our Customers love Xpedition?

I could connect all my distribution centres and stores on Lavelle Networks' solution using a mix of 3G and DSL links with private IP Addresses at each remote location and a virtual hub in the Cloud. The virtual hub has abstracted all my locations from any potential malicious traffic from any attacker and made my network really secure. The network is no longer a bottle neck for me to grow my business.
-- Dipin K, Director, Maysa National Shopping LLC
Cloud based management with zero touch provisioning on site meant that I could get all my outlets spread across the country get connected in matter of a week with Lavelle Networks' SD-WAN
-- Enosh Fernandes Manager, IT, Barbeque Nation
I could connect all my locations in a week and have deep insight and control over my applications on my network. An innovative company like us got a future proof network that scales as we scale
-- Abhinav Choudhary, Head (IT), Rentomojo
I just had to ship the box to the outlet and local non IT staff were able to plug-in the device to get the site on our corporate VPN network. It was truly plug and play. Cloud based centralized management has allowed me to manage and monitor my remote site with couple of clicks. The whole solution with Lavelle Networks' SD-WAN works like magic and has made my life simple
-- Toney Abraham, Head, IT, Malabar Gold
We had seen SD-WAN has improved our connectivity to our locations with primary on BB and secondary on 4G which in turn saves leased line costs. It has reduced dependency on MPLS service provider and we could connect few of locations which were not feasible by MPLS. We could quickly bring up our locations on SD-WAN with quick & good support from Lavelle networks. I not only saved cost on connecting all my showrooms and service centres with Lavelle Networks' SD-WAN, but established a enterprise network that can scale as my organization transforms in to a digital enterprise. I have multiple secure VPNs configured and managed with few clicks to cater to my dealership requirements and my own corporate policies
-- Mallikarjuna Sarma, Head - IT, Jubilant Motoworks
Full Network Coverage
WAN Services Subscriptions

360° SD-WAN coverage for you


CloudPort - Branch Gateway

  • 100Mbps to 250Mbps Network throughput
  • 4 Ethernet interfaces (1xLAN 3xWAN)
  • 2 USB interfaces (1x2.0, 1x3.0) for Wireless WAN

CloudPort - Enterprise Gateway

  • 1Gbps to 10Gbps Network throughput
  • Customizable Network Interfaces

CloudPort - Elastic Virtual Gateway

  • Cloud Appliance, for Azure, AWS, VMWare
  • Elastic Scale Out
  • Auto translation of network and policies from active cloud to backup cloud

WAN Services Subscriptions


  • Network-Manager-as-a-service on our cloud
  • Deep Network Insights
  • 30 day analytics storage
  • SDN based Group VPN
  • Auto Hybrid Cloud VPNs
  • Industry standard, 256-bit encryption
  • Stateful Firewall, URL Filtering
  • MPLS CE Routing
  • Routing (WAN & LAN), DHCP, DNS, VLANs
  • Intent Driven Policies at Site, User & Network Level
  • Control QoS, Access & WAN links using Policies
  • Managed Network Software Upgrades


  • Secure +
  • Hybrid links - Dual MPLS, Dual Internet, MPLS + Internet
  • WAN Link Aggregation
  • Dynamic Load Balancing using cloud probes
  • VoIP packet replication for lossy links
  • Congestion aware virtual cloud overlay
  • Classical WAN Optimization


  • Accelerate +
  • Cloud Proxy for Application Inspection
  • WAN DDoS mitigation

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