Shyamal Kumar

Founder & CEO

Our CEO is also our in-house 'network' guy. Shyamal is a data networking product leader. He has worked on data centre, enterprise and service provider networks. He has played a key role in bringing wireless broadband platforms to the world through the Telsima WiMAX portfolio and has also been instrumental in the development of Juniper MX. At Lavelle Networks, his team brought SD-WAN products to the market and catalysed their rapid adoption.

Karthik Madhava

Founder & CTO

In today's times, good user experience is everything and no one understands this better than Karthik. He serves as the essential link between the product, its users and the businesses they help, to provide the best experience there possibly could be. Here at Lavelle Networks, he's converting people to the only ubiquitous network there really is- the internet.

Vishal Khare

Vishal Khare

Co-Founder & VP, Sales

Vishal comes from a rare breed of technology entrepreneurs who are also extremely proficient in business strategy. His work across market segments enables him to add immense value at Lavelle Networks where we cater to a diverse portfolio of clients. In an effort to build the start-up community even further, he is also an active Angel Investor.

Jambu Ganesh Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Investor transitioned to an Operating Role @ Lavelle. Passionate about Transformation and Accelerating Growth Globally. Wades through Strategy, Corp Development, Finance , Investments and Operations ; With a Belief Co-Creation , Collaborates with People to make it happen.

Randhir Bhattacharya

Randhir Bhattacharya

Founding Team Member & Chief Product Architect

With a formidable fifteen years of experience in the technology sector, Randhir is at the helm of designing our products from the top down. When it comes to networks, he knows everything there is to know and then some, with experience in areas like D-WAN, Cloud Networking, NFV and Service Chaining. He is also a key innovator in developing US Patent #9231871 - Flow distribution table for packet flow load balancing.

Drritiman Boraah

Drritiman Boraah

Founding Team Member & VP, Customer Success

He has been with Lavelle Networks since its inception, seeing our customers grow both in size and in magnitude. Drritiman firmly believes that no dream is too audacious, no ambition too big to follow. With consumer insights as the basis of all our work, Drritiman has paved the way for us to put the people that matter most to us first. Our product teams look to him for support and guidance.

Rakesh Tripathi

Senior Director, Quality Engineering

Rakesh, comes with a strong technology background & experience in managing/growing teams in product development for over 25 years. He carries a rich experience of working with Enterprises and SMB customers and has deep expertise in Networking products across both engineering and QA functions. He has successfully run a technology start-up which gives him sound understanding of technology supporting business. Rakesh held senior engineering and management positions at A10 Networks, Appcito, NetApp, Barracuda Networks, Netcontinuum and SonicWall. Rakesh holds a master’s degree in computer science from University of Southern California, Los Angeles USA.

Harish K

Harish Kumtakar

Founding Team Member & Director, Platform Engineering

If there is one individual at Lavelle Networks who is continually exploring newer technology advancement and designing its adoption in existing products, then that's - Harish Kumtakar. As a Director of Product Engineering, he has in-depth knowledge in network architecture like SDN, NFV, and VNF. Highly execution oriented, he is always looking for new ways of developing scalable and high performing products. Harish is leading the product engineering function building world- class networking products and passionate teams.

Samuel Natarajan

Samuel Natarajan

Founding Team Member & Director, Application Engineering

Jack of all trades, master of all – that seems like the best way to describe Samuel. With specialties ranging from SD-WAN to Machine Learning to Infrastructure, he’s done it all and believes in building world-class products and solutions. Samuel has close to 20 years of experience across domains, which he is now harnessing in the pursuit of a cutting-edge solution at Lavelle.

Nitish Abrol

Nitish Abrol

Founding Team Member & Director, Solution Engineering

An extraordinarily skilled engineer, Nitish has been with Lavelle since the very beginning. He brings to the company his expertise with the WiMAX technology and has shown incredible finesse with debugging issues. He’s also an expert when it comes to testing and stacking solutions and has been involved in the design of an array of products including MoCA.

Ganesh Srinivasan

Founding Team Member & Director, Hardware Operations

A versatile professional with over 30+ years of experience in the IT industry - Ganesh Srinivasan is the brains behind the hardware revolution at Lavelle Networks. With more than 20 years of experience starting from the historic AT and XT motherboards to present day HPC he has walked the talk in the hardware component circuit. Apart from handling IT procurement and logistics, he is responsible for a plethora of critical functions under the Operations and Finance department.

Namratha Rai

Senior Human Resource Manager

As Senior Human Resource Manager , Namratha leads Human Resources at Lavelle Networks. She is passionate about people and culture, curious about entrepreneurship and business. She believes great vision without great people is irrelevant. One of the missions Namratha and the management team are pursuing is the creation of a diverse and inclusive team culture at Lavelle.

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