Lavelle Networks eases network monitoring through SD-WAN Mobile App launch

Lavelle Networks has unveiled its CloudStation App — claimed to be a first-ever SD-WAN Mobile App for Network Monitoring, which is an extension of its Software Defined Network Orchestrator. While talking about the idea behind the CloudStation App launch and the motivation behind bringing it to the market, Nitish Abrol, Director Products, Lavelle Networks, said,…


Lavelle aims to be India’s number one SD-WAN vendor: Vishal Khare, co-Founder Lavelle Networks Inc

Angel investor IdeaSprings-backed Lavelle Networks Inc. – incorporated in US and India – is a young startup with expertise in developing Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) platform for enterprise networks. The company, in early 2018, brought in a new co-founder, Vishal Khare, from Citrix, as part of its growth and expansion plans. VoicenData e-connected with Vishal…

NFV in sd-wan

Lavelle Networks Launches SD-WAN NFV for Microsoft Windows Hosts

India-based SD-WAN provider Lavelle Networks launched an SD-WAN software appliance that sits inside a native Microsoft Windows environment. The new offering enables enterprise customers to use Lavelle Networks’ SD-WAN in an NFV container in a native Windows environment (for example, a laptop computer). Lavelle Networks’ networking service is built on an SDN architecture, enabling customers, locations, and cloud applications to all connect to…