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What is Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)?

In the late 90’s, end to end service provisioning became popular, wherein connection requests were raised at one end, post which a full automated path delivered network elements via a Network Management System (NMS) or an equivalent platform to provision the path. No manual intervention was required. But for network engineers, it was a cumbersome task. Each site had…


Lavelle Networks’ CEO Shyamal Kumar Discusses SD-WAN and the Principles of B4

Lavelle Networks offers a hybrid SD-WAN solution that extends the WAN across an enterprise’s physical and virtual resources, treating the cloud like another branch office that is connected to the network. It is also an effective MPLS replacement that allows an enterprise to gradually migrate existing MPLS-based WAN to an Internet-based WAN.   The company got its start…

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Branch to Multi-Cloud: Ensuring Performance, Reliability and Security with SD-WAN

How SD-WAN is making networking easier for enterprises migrating to branches and other edges to a multi-cloud ecosystem?   Enterprise branches transforming to digital has a crucial impact on network, as well as on the bottom line. Branches today are more than just touch points for every distributed enterprise in the digital world. They’re more experience…

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Link Load Balancing: ScaleAOn Dynamic Path Selection

Traditionally, applications remained in-house at fixed locations protected with a well defined perimeter. To enhance user experience (customer, employees and remote workforce), enterprises used WAN optimization techniques, for example techniques like TCP optimization, compression and caching. This worked well with relatively small capacity WAN links. All these techniques worked in favour of ICT, as cost…

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Digital App-etizers: Networks in the crosshair, but enterprises want more

Applications – the appetizers – are making the world go hungry for more digital. Remember the famous line from Pepsi’s advertisement in the 90’s – Yeh Dil Mange More! However, as applications surge, it’s becoming harder and harder for enterprise networks to be able to digest and degust so many appetizers. Consumers (netizens) are obsessed with it, and enterprises…