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SD-WAN vs MPLS in the cloud era

According to a study, enterprises that have converted more than 90% of their sites to SD-WAN are realizing significant improvements: 20% reduction in staffing required for the WAN, and 33% reduction in the amount of time WAN staff spend on troubleshooting. They are likewise seeing a 69% reduction in the amount of time a typical…

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Network Segmentation: Securing Traffic in the dying age of traditional perimeter

As traditional perimeter defences become easy to crack automated and policy based network segmentation solves two biggest challenges for CIOs – security and complexity.   Enterprise Networks are subjected to meet sudden business changes and requirements. In doing so, networks become vulnerable. In worst cases, it turns out to be the next WannaCry, Petya, or NotPetya.…

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Is WAN Optimization Dead in the age of SD-WAN?

First, the surge of cloud traffic over less expensive DIA links offering affordable bandwidth; the rise of hybrid cloud; and an ever evolving enterprise WAN infrastructure. Secondly, the demand of consumers and users for connectivity – are reasons that has challenged enterprises to take WAN transformation very seriously. Enterprise IT is now tasked with utilizing the…