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Decoding the benefits of SD-WAN

There’s no doubt that SD-WAN is the biggest leap in the 21st-century networking industry. Features like centralized management, automation, and intent-based networking make SD-WAN the beginning of a whole new world of possibilities. The benefits of SD-WAN not only include cost but the simplification of network complexities as well. With SD-WAN, enterprises can leverage as…

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ScaleAOn SD-WAN with IPv6

Internet of Things (IoT) is defining the next decade of growth as more organizations, enterprises and entities across the world start adopting these technologies. IoT is re-imagining how we live, work and play. It is having a profound impact on the Enterprise, re-defining how they interact with their ecosystem, employees and customers. More so, in sectors…

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Vend it like Vishal: Winning Sales in the Indian Technology Market

Former Citrix man, an angel investor and now a Co – founder, executive VP and GM sales at Lavelle Networks, experienced in networking, cloud, on premise software, hardware and SaaS  – Vishal Khare – tells how emerging technology companies can establish kaizen sales strategies.   India is booming in Innovation with Science and Technology sector growing at…

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How direct cloud connectivity benefits enterprises?

Digital first enterprises rely on direct cloud connectivity for Speed, Scalability and Security.     90 percent of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms and enterprise spending on cloud services and infrastructure will pass $530 billion. Why enterprises across industry are migrating business critical applications and data to cloud?   From banking, retail to…