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Vend it like Vishal: Winning Sales in the Indian Technology Market

Former Citrix man, an angel investor and now a Co-founder, executive VP and GM sales at Lavelle Networks, experienced in networking, cloud, on-premise software, hardware, and SaaS  – Vishal Khare – tells how emerging technology companies can establish kaizen sales strategies.   India is booming in Innovation with the Science and Technology sector growing at a rapid…

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How direct cloud connectivity benefits enterprises?

Digital first enterprises rely on direct cloud connectivity for Speed, Scalability and Security.     90 percent of enterprises will use multiple cloud services and platforms and enterprise spending on cloud services and infrastructure will pass $530 billion. Why enterprises across the industry are migrating business critical applications and data to the cloud?   From banking,…


Lavelle Networks’ CEO Shyamal Kumar Discusses SD-WAN and the Principles of B4

Lavelle Networks offers a hybrid SD-WAN solution that extends the WAN across an enterprise’s physical and virtual resources, treating the cloud like another branch office that is connected to the network. It is also an effective MPLS replacement that allows an enterprise to gradually migrate existing MPLS-based WAN to an Internet-based WAN.   The company got its start…