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Zero Day Exploit: Microsoft’s patch, Whatsapp’s flaw and lessons from “WannaCry”

Security has always been a top concern for enterprises. As the tectonic shift to digital continues, enterprises witness both sides of coin- transformation to new technology and other side being the constantly evolving cyber threats and attacks. Challenged to prevent enterprises from an array of security gaps in the network, enterprise security teams are up…

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Network Segmentation: Secured Intent Based Private Networking

In our last blog, Network Segmentation: Segregating Traffic in the dying age of Perimeter, we discussed about the importance of network segmentation at a granular level using modern era segmenting solution which can allow each segment to scale without compromising on enterprise network security. Here we discuss how intent based segmentation can help simplify enterprise private…

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Network Segmentation: Securing Traffic in the dying age of traditional perimeter

As traditional perimeter defences become easy to crack automated and policy based network segmentation solves two biggest challenges for CIOs – security and complexity.   Enterprise Networks are subjected to meet sudden business changes and requirements. In doing so, networks become vulnerable. In worst cases it turns out to be the next WannaCry, Petya, or NotPetya.…