Through the Eyes of the Investor: the story behind IdeaSpring Capital’s long-term bet on enterprise tech startup Lavelle Networks

How does an investor make an investment decision? What guides this decision? What prompts them to rally behind an idea, an entrepreneur, and a certain product with their support, and more importantly, with their money? And once they do, why do they choose to stay the course? All of this and more answered in ‘Through the…

Digital appetizers blog featured image.

Digital App-etizers: Networks in the crosshair, but enterprises want more

Applications – the appetizers – are making the world go hungry for more digital. Remember the famous line from Pepsi’s advertisement in the 90’s – Yeh Dil Mange More! However, as applications surge, it’s becoming harder and harder for enterprise networks to be able to digest and degust so many appetizers. Consumers (netizens) are obsessed with it, and enterprises…


Lavelle Networks Partner Summit 2019

Lavelle Networks, a leading vendor of SD-WAN solutions hosted its inaugural partner summit in Mumbai last week.   Mumbai, June 17th 2019: Lavelle Networks hosts its first Partner Summit event to celebrate fast-growing partner ecosystem. The annual partner summit was aimed to help partners with the latest developments in Lavelle Networks’s SD-WAN solution and market strategies around enterprise…

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Network Segmentation: Best practices to secure the portal

In the marvelous world of digital, enterprises are in a constant hunt for all the infinity stones – The Internet, The Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Software Defined Networks – to become invincible – Agile, Flexible, Fast and Software-Defined – and seek success in the race to digital. Although the analogy may sound cinematic, for…