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Zero Day Exploit: Microsoft’s patch, Whatsapp’s flaw and lessons from “WannaCry”

Security has always been a top concern for enterprises. As the tectonic shift to digital continues, enterprises witness both sides of coin- transformation to new technology and other side being the constantly evolving cyber threats and attacks. Challenged to prevent enterprises from an array of security gaps in the network, enterprise security teams are up…

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SD-WAN: 5 Deployment Scenarios

The components –  SD-WAN Edge, SD-WAN Controller (CloudStation), Service Orchestrator, SD-WAN Gateway, CloudStation Web Portal (Managed Service Portal) – of  SD-WAN can be leveraged in several ways in a Hybrid WAN scenario. In a Hybrid WAN deployment, it is better to have one site with Broadband links and one site with MPLS Link in addition…

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How to configure SNMP?

SNMP is a widely used protocol in Network Management and network monitoring. SNMP provides granular visibility to data of variables managed and organized in MIB  (Management Information Base). Three significant versions of SNMP have been developed and deployed. SNMPv1 is the original version of the protocol. More recent versions, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, feature improvements in…